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Egg Shooter Bubble Dinosaur

    Do you want to go on a Dino-mite adventure? Set out to aim, match, and smash through a maze of dinosaur eggs with Egg Shooter Bubble Dinosaur! Let’s learn how to dive into this fun game with some easy instructions.

    How to Play:

    1. Goal and Match Keep an eye out for the colorful dinosaur eggs! Your objective is to find three eggs that are identical hue. Explore the play area to discover the identical eggs.
    2. The Fire is Away After you’ve found the match, it’s now time to start firing! Utilize the egg you’ve been given to aim it carefully. Make sure to shoot it in the pile of eggs in the play space. Shoot your shot, and then witness the magic happening!
    3. Break ’em All: Continue firing at eggs and breaking them! As many eggs break every shot, the closer you will be to getting rid of the stage. Are you able to break all dinosaur eggs in the shortest number of shots?
    4. 24 levels of fun: With 24 exciting levels to explore, the fun never stops! Each level brings new challenges and chances to test your egg-shooting abilities. Get ready for some egg-citing fun!
    5. Have Fun on the Road Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride through this enjoyable color-matching experience. No matter if you’re an experienced player or just beginning, Egg Shooter Bubble Dinosaur promises endless fun for all!


    • Use your finger or mouse to shoot and aim the egg into the heap of magical eggs.
    • Find three eggs with the same color in order to crack them.
    • Try to break all dinosaur eggs in the least number of shots.
    • Explore all levels of the game to beat this Egg Shooter Bubble Dinosaur world!
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    Prepare yourself for an ancient adventure unlike others! You’re about to release your inner egg-shooting champ and master all levels of Egg Shooter Bubble Dinosaur. What is it you’re still waiting for? Let the egg-citing adventure begin!