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Golden Snake

    Be ready for an exciting adventure by playing “Golden Snake,” a game in development. Through this demonstration, players be taking control of our daring treasure hunter, appropriately titled Golden Snake, as he seeks out the secluded islands in search of legendary riches.

    A Bite-Sized Adventure (For Now)

    Although the game’s full version is in development The demo gives you the first glimpse of what’s to be. There are five locations to explore that are full of secrets and dangers. But don’t be afraid, Golden Snake is well-equipped to take on the task.

    Machete Master

    Don’t bother with fancy guns! in “Golden Snake,” resourcefulness is essential. Make use of your machete to cut a path through thick jungles and dangerous tombs. This useful tool helps keep your precious bullets handy for when you come across the game’s ominous players.

    Controls at Your Fingertips

    If you’re playing on a PC or mobile device playing on a PC/Mac, the game “Golden Snake” is a breeze. This is a brief overview of the features:


    • Touch-UI control: Intuitive on-screen buttons let you move and jump, climb ladders and use your machete.

    PC/Mac Browser:

    • Run: Left and Right Arrow Keys
    • Jump: Up Arrow Key
    • Climb Ladders: Up and Down Arrow Keys
    • Machete Swing: Space Key or A/S Keys
    • Shoot: Z Key
    • Release Box (Grab/Release): Ctrl Key (move box using Left and Right Arrow Keys)

    Join the Development Journey

    The developers are currently developing plans to bring “Golden Snake” to life and appreciate your contribution! Consider checking out their Patreon page ( to learn more about their development process and plans for the game.

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