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Hammering Motions

    All aspiring carpenters are invited! Hammering Motions is a charming HTML5 game where you can show off your hammering skills.

    How To Play:

    1. Start a game: Click on the “Start button” or tap the screen to start the game.
    2. Tap or click anywhere you like on the screen using your touchscreen or mouse. Every tap or click swings your virtual hammer to try and hit the nail.
    3. Keep track of time: Manage your time to get as many nails hammered as you can before the timer runs out.
    4. Avoid hitting the Butterflies that are fluttering in the wood. If you touch them, your score will be reduced.

    Simple Controls, Big Fun:

    Hammering Motions is a game that focuses on easy-to-learn control. You only need a mouse or touchscreen. Tap or click on the screen to swing your hammer.

    Hey, do you wanna be a carpenter? Come to show your professional skill now! How many nails can you knock into the wood by a limited time? Beware of hurting the lovely butterfly! Enjoy!
    Tap or mouse click to hit.

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