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Queen of Egypt – Cleopatra’s Jewels

    Cleopatra’s Jewels is a match-3 game with a lot of excitement. This guide will teach you how to become a master jewel matcher in no time.

    How To Play:

    • Matchy-matchy: Swap two jewels adjacently to create a line of three or more of the same color. Poof! The jewels will disappear and make room for more to fall.
    • Special Gems, Big Bonuses: Match four jewels to get a powerful gem that clears an entire row or column. Match 5 to get a rainbow jewel that will blast all jewels in one color.
    • Goals galore: Every level has a different challenge, such as reaching a specific score or collecting jewels. You must keep your eyes on the prize to progress!
    • Your moves matter: Some levels limit your swaps. Plan your moves to achieve your goal before time runs out.

    Tips and Tricks:

    • Before starting, check the scoreboard: Look at the goal of the level. You can plan your strategy by comparing the jewels.
    • Boosters Are Your Best Friends: Stuck in a Difficult Level? You can use boosters such as extra moves or bombs in order to clear your path.
    • Match more, get more: By matching 4 or 5 jewels, you can create special gems to help you clear the board quicker.
    • Be on the lookout: This game provides hints and tips throughout. You can win if you pay attention!
    • Explore The Map: Use a map to track your progress and discover the new levels of this exciting Egyptian adventure.

    What are you waiting on? Cleopatra’s Jewels is a treasure trove of fun and riches!

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